Max Tornow presents a BRAND NEW video training for you
How to get 3-5 high-paying clients a month as a coach, consultant, 
or service provider in 2021 
Max Tornow has personally trained 2000+ clients all across the globe how to start coaching & consulting, get their first customers and attain personal independence.
Here's what you'll learn in this Free Video Training:
  • ​The 3 pillars that literally ALL successful coaching, consulting, or service providing businesses are built around
  • ​The #1 reason why you’re stuck working a lot for very little money in return, even though you deliver insane results
  • Why and how you should transition into charging premium prices and what unfair advantages over your competition it gets you
  • ​How to get clients that happily pay you $2k-$5k a month
  • ​How you can become a recognized expert – without needing a big "social media brand" or huge advertising budgets
  The Key To Revving Up Your Business Engine...
Once you've attained this, you may never want to go back. It's the combination of these three vital factors forming the ultimate "bliss zone" ...
The overlap within these circles form what we call 'Digital Freedom'.
Remember: You need to "unlock" all three together – otherwise you're just stuck in the outer zone...
#1: Expert Positioning And Its Benefits - highly underrated
Right now you might be wasting valuable time chasing down low-quality clients and negotiating deals you’ll end up regretting later. Clients want you to be available 24/7, but are only willing to pay you peanuts. What you don’t know: There’s a whole different world out there. A world where clients listen to industry experts and pay whatever it costs. They’re grateful and a joy to work with. It’s an upward spiral, once you transition into expert positioning, because the more money you earn the better service you can provide.
#2: A Predictable System For Getting Leads And Making Sales
Almost every consultant, service provider or coach that I get to know has the same problem. They’re depending on referrals. Yes, making sure your clients are happy so they refer you is good, but you shouldn't rely on it. If you do, you’re at the mercy of your clients and you’re one step away from going bankrupt. Without a consistent and predictable influx of new clients you don’t have a real business, but most importantly: your income is based on luck, fluctuates heavily and you can’t scale.
#3: Premium Pricing - not only higher income for you, but also better service for your clients! 
Without being in a position that allows you to charge premium prices you’re very likely to work way more and way harder than you actually have to.  But here’s the kicker: What about your clients? To tell the truth, you're doing them a disservice by charging lower prices! Think about it, lower prices means more work per client. That means less attention for each client and less time for you to think about improving your services. In short, your client work becomes less profitable AND less fun.

What if there was a way that allowed you to charge $2k+ per client? With this type of pay you can happily go the extra mile for every single one of your clients, maybe hire an assistant to provide additional support and have all the time in the world to get a better understanding of what your clients really need.
Remember: You need to "unlock" all these three altogether – otherwise you're just stuck in the outer zone...
What makes Our Clients so successful?
There really is no "secret" to it – my team and I are simply hyper-attentive to details and solely focussed on results. Here's what 93% of our clients say were the most instrumental ingredients to their success:
Proper System & Guidance
It all starts with the foundation – faulty system, faulty results. Starting with a proven game plan that thousands of our customers have already successfully executed and gotten results with makes a big difference. Especially when you're just starting out in the high-ticket world.
Speed of Implementation
Instead of wasting weeks for the "perfect time to start", we make sure our clients take action. Gaining momentum takes energy. Knowing that there's an early "phase of inertia" when you start something new, the key is to get the ball rolling fast, and keep the momentum.
Developing Skills For A Lifetime
People who are able to achieve long-lasting changes in their lives, do so because they have developed a tangible skill set above mere step-by-step-instructions that stop at any given stage. They can self-reliantly adjust to immediate changes in their environments.
Winner Community 
You're going to be influenced by the people you spend the most time with. This is why it's much easier to make leaps and bounds when there's an active community of fellow successful business owners. Meeting like-minded people and getting help from a smart coaching team is another plus.
Mental Shifts & Breakthroughs
We often deal with old, archaic thought patterns and limiting beliefs in ourselves that don't suit us as we're growing. Part of our job is to also deliver mental transformation and get you to the next level. Within a short amount of time, our students learn to think differently about the world, their business, and themselves.
Continuous Improvement
We don't leave things "as is". The status quo is to be challenged. New methods are to be tested and observed in the real world before we present it to our clients. New findings and better procedures are quickly implemented in order to be most up-to-date, so all of our trainings are continuously improved. 
What Our Clients Say About Our Work
Here are some examples of feedback our clients send me, either in video format, straight from our customer community or in our weekly Live-Q&A-Calls.
Just a few remarks about these case studies:
1.) These are all real, genuine clients of ours who share their honest opinion. Nobody has been compensated in any shape or form to record or appear in these videos.
2.) I cannot guarantee you any results whatsoever. All of these people worked hard and smart for their success and truly deserve their results.
3.) These results are generally only possible if you speak to me or one of my coaches 1:1 in a free consultation session and get to know our strategy.
“34k EUR within 4 weeks”
David has no following on social media and has simply turned his skill for socializing and relationships into a high ticket online coaching business. By focussing on a small but high-buying-power audience he can work with a few, but highly committed clients.
“Really grateful for all the help!”
Jozef has made over 14k EUR with our help with his fitness & health offer. As you can see, especially in the fitness niche, the typical “sell a cheap $200 info product to thousands of low-end clients” is just as outdated as the “get paid per hour” strategy. 
“60k in 6 months as a “side hustle” 
“I could have never imagined getting to this point so quickly” says our client Davide who is providing marketing services as a B2B offer making over $10k each month by following the exact steps we are teaching.
“$70k with online language coaching” 
Ivan was able to transform his skill in speaking German as a second language into a highly profitable online coaching business with no certificate or formal education in that field. Instead of teaching many low-paying clients, he’s teaching a few high-ticket clients.
“First $10k in closes!"
From employed programmer to business owner: Florian is teaching beginner programming online and is making 5 figures a month consistently. That allows him to have more time for his family, while also getting paid much higher than most employees in his industry.
“5 figures is the new normal”
Nathan would have originally been happy with making 3k a month, until we showed him what’s possible with proper positioning and lead generation. He closed over 40k EUR within 3 months for his online fitness coaching. 
The Signup Process
Since we receive so many daily requests, we implemented a process in order to efficiently guide through new applicants. These are your next steps in order to request our expertise:
1. You apply for a free consultation call.
Before jumping on a call with us, we will ask you to provide a few details about your current situation, your business goals and challenges. Being honest and transparent with this info is important for you, me, and my team to know whether we can help you.
2. My enrollment team will call you and speak with you.
One of my team members will call you and together you’ll discuss what your current situation is, what the things are that you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how we can help you bridge this gap.
3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.
Once we get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, our team will decide whether it makes sense for everyone to work together. No matter the outcome, you will receive valuable feedback from us on what you can implement for your business.
Who is Max Tornow?
Max Tornow started his first coaching business for dating and relationship advice in 2013 and went on 4 world tours, holding seminars and work shops in major cities in the US, Europe, and Australia.
In 2016 he transitioned into online coaching and in the same year made his first 7 figures. Max launched 3 online info products, all 3 of them cracking the 7-figure revenue mark. In 2018 he transitioned away from selling low-ticket info products and entered the high-ticket online mentoring world. 
Having been in multiple advisory roles for 7-figure businesses, Max started consulting other expert-based businesses in 2019, passing on his vast knowledge in online marketing, lead generation, scaling and digitalization. 
Together with his team of 20+ full time experts, he scaled two multiple 7-figure online businesses with over 2000 clients, building and scaling their 6/7-figure businesses.
Introducing: My Personal A-Player-Team
Lead Generation Coach
Dario Gabriel
Dario is the expert in our program when it comes to online and offline lead generation. He will teach you the most up-to-date effective methods in order to attract warm, interested leads.
Chief Operating Officer & Coach
Nikita Gunkewitsch
Nikita is going to teach you how to sell without creating pressure and make it an effortless experience for both parties. He's your go-to-guy when it's time for you to speak to your market.
Head  Sales Coach
Nico Berger
Nico is our expert in training your mindset. He will help you achieve your full potential, overcome challenges, develop courage and ultimately become the person you aspire to be.
Head Strategy Coach
Pedro Mendes
Finding the right audience and getting in front of them with the right message can be pretty complex. Pedro is going to make sure you craft a valid offer and be relevant to your target audience.
Marketing Coach
Peter Lopes
Executive Assistant
Katerina Omelian
Mindset Coach
Zack Michael
Accountability Coach
Alexandra Karpenko
Head of Visuals and Social Media
Primoz Miklic
Talent Scout
Victor Cezario
Talent Scout
Lincoln Bui
Visual Creator
Daniel Shymchenco

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